Our Network

In order to harness the best technical expertise both regionally and globally, the GBPN operates a Global Centre in Paris and has regional Partners in the four regions that are collectively responsible for about 65% of the world’s GHG mitigation potential from energy savings in buildings: China, Europe, India and the United States.

The GBPN Regional Partners provide the most up-to-date knowledge and data on building energy policies to decision-makers and other key stakeholders within their region, while documenting best practices, lessons learned and monitoring progress with the Global Centre. Coordinated by the Global Centre, we develop strategically aligned work programs designed to ensure the building sector has the intelligence required to play its significant role in tackling climate change.

China Partner

The GBPN Chinese programme aims to:

  • Provide a common platform to identify and translate Chinese best practices for global dissemination
  • Facilitate Chinese and international knowledge exchange and capacity building
  • Support Chinese institutions to identify and achieve the abatement potential of the building sector in China.

The GBPN runs an office in Beijing and work in partnership with the Energy Foundation China.  

Main contact: Eva Jiayu Wang, GBPN Research Associate -  Our Team

Europe Partner: Buildings Performance Institute Europe

Located in Brussels, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) has been operating since February 2010. 

BPIE’s mission is to improve energy building performance in Europe by:

  • Supporting the development of ambitious building-related policies and programmes at the EU and Member State level
  • Driving timely and efficient implementation by teaming-up with relevant stakeholders and  monitoring the evolution of regional policy processes
  • Providing fact-based analysis and knowledge, and sharing and document best practice and lessons learnt to the Global Centre

BPIE is also working closely with the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and in the context of The Coalition for Energy Savings.

Main contact: Oliver Rapf, BPIE Executive Director - Our Team

India Partner

The GBPN works closely with the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SHAKTI) to run an Indian programme that supports the Government's Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) to ensure that 90% of all applicable commercial buildings are ECBC compliant by 2030. We are also focusing on the development of performance guidelines for urban residential buildings.

SHAKTI's mission is to catalyse innovative policy-packages that encourage energy efficiency and the development of newer energy sources.

Main contact: Smita Chandiwala, GBPN Regional Director India (Interim) & Buildings & Appliances Programme Officer at SHAKTI - Our Team

U.S. Partner: Institute for Market Transformation

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) founded in 1996, is a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organisation promoting energy efficiency, green building, and environmental protection in the United States and abroad. The prevailing focus of GBPN U.S. programme run by IMT is energy efficiency in buildings. Activities include technical and market research, policy and program development, and promotion of best practices and knowledge exchange. All of IMT’s work involves many collaborators and targets a broad range of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

In particular, IMT aims to strengthen market recognition of the link between buildings’ energy efficiency and their financial value. IMT’s efforts lead to important new policy outcomes, widespread changes in practice, and ultimately, lasting market shifts toward greater energy efficiency, with substantial benefits for the economy and the environment.

Main contact: Jayson Antonoff, GBPN Regional Director USA at IMT - Our Team