GBPN is working to reduce the energy demand and climate change impact of the building sector. 

In coordination with our regional partner GBPN advances knowledge and expertise to support the implementation of ambitious building energy policies that drive low-carbon market transformations. We aim to: 

  • Support the rapid development and implementation of stringent energy performance codes and supporting policy-packages for new and existing buildings;
  • Model, define and monitor progress toward achieving the abatement potential of the building sector;
  • Identify best-practice policy pathways which serve as benchmarks for regional policy innovation;
  • Provide the industry with the best reliable data on building energy and policy performance;
  • Develop strategies for capturing the GHG abatement potential of the entire building value chain and the significant co-benefits of broader green building and sustainable city policy;
  • Maximising the learning between regions.

Creating knowledge and data to achieve building sector climate commitments and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The GBPN aims to validate and share knowledge and data that support goverments and industry to develop practical roadmaps that can achieve and exceed climate goaks agreed under the Paris Accord and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A ‘deep path’ of energy and GHG emission reductions and savings is possible at the global scale by 2050 if our four-priority regions unlock their mitigation potential.
Achieving this abatement potential requires today’s state of the art building energy performance codes and complimentary policies to be optimized in regional jurisdictions towards net zero energy targets for new buildings and deep renovation for existing buildings. This translates into a strategic definition of best-practice actions that encourage adoption of policy frameworks for achieving:
  • Net zero energy performance in new buildings;
  • Increased rate of deep renovation of existing buildings.

Priority Actions

GBPN can engage its global network of experts to assist policy makers to contribute to avoiding more than 1.5GtCO2/yr in building energy related GHG emissions. GBPN will work towards this goal by focussing on local market transformation through:

  • Developing building policy action plans for implementing near zero energy performance codes for new buildings; and deep renovation standards and labelling programs for residential and commercial buildings;
  • Enhancing and sharing a validated evidence base of policy impact data, case studies and insights through enhanced on-line knowledge exchange, education and capacity-building programs
  • Assigning local experts to provide high-quality resources and support to building energy policy initiatives by partner organisations.

Each of our four regions is starting at a different point, so the development of each regional roadmap is informed by global research on common priority issues. Our research on state of the art policies towards Net Zero energy for New Buildings and Deep Renovation of the Existing Building Stock, covers the following topics:

  • Financing and co-benefits
  • Performance codes, data and mandatory rating and disclosure policies
  • Policies for integrated renewable energy in buildings developments
  • Compliance with mandatory performance requirements

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