Data Community

Welcome to the GBPN Data Community Lab, a participatory forum to work together to improve data collection practices worldwide. The GBPN calls for collaboration among all actors who collect, analyse and disseminate building performance data. Stakeholders of the building community need numerous kinds of data to achieve high-performance building targets. Such data is also needed to track progress and success of different policies, which can help regions to learn from each other and inform better policy-making.

Objectives of the Data Community:

  • Improve collaboration among global and regional data-handlers so that all parties have access to the data supplied by others, with this data being well-documented and coming from reliable sources.
  • Envisaging an alliance with stakeholders who require an area for open source building data where it can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone. 
The Data Community supports:
  • A platform for dialogue that aims to identify solutions for better data quality and accessibility in building sector;
  • Joint projects and exchange of information between experts and building professionals by:
    • Mapping of existing data resources (i.e. identifying data gaps and differences in methodologies and terminologies);
    • Mapping of the players who collect and use data on building performance;
    • Initiatives to improve the harmonisation of data;
    • Sharing of best practices;
    • Data sharing and promoting a Linked Open Data Concept!
Contribute your ideas by using the forum of discussion below!
Sophie Shnapp, GBPN Policy Analyst will be responsible for moderating this Laboratory.
If you have any questions or queries relating to this Lab, contact her!