[Newsletter 8] Best Practice Building Codes: Insights from Policy Makers, and More

Dear Reader, 

This is the last GBPN issue before the Summer break for the Paris office in August. It is great to see the release of two reports that add insight and context to how jurisdictions are designing and implementing policy best practices. Both reports are an important resource for anyone looking for practical guidance on achieving greater energy savings and CO2 mitigation from buildings. This work complements the release of the redesigned buildingrating.org - a comprehensive guide to building rating and disclosure policies from around the world.
One of the first countries to take advantage of our new range of policy tools is China. I am very excited to report that our collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development (MOHURD) has now commenced. By adopting state of the art policy settings China could cap thermal energy demand from buildings to 2005 levels by 2050 and avoid more than 65% lock-in of inefficiency. On the international front, we were pleased to hear that the Major Economies Forum has endorsed the Building Energy Efficiency Transformation (BEET 2) report that outlines high priority areas for international collaboration on building efficiency. GBPN was Operating Agent for this project. 
We are also happy to announce that we have been commissioned by the World Bank ESMAP program to review and update the buildings components of their TRACE rapid assessment tool for city energy efficiency. 

Best wishes,

Peter Graham, Executive Director


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[report] A comparative analysis of best practice renovation policies from europe and the united states

29-07-2014 | Global

To provide insight into how to accelerate more and deeper renovation policies, the GBPN recently launched an on-line Policy Tool for Renovation that captures the performance of the current best practices in Europe and in the United States and enables their comparison. This paper details the methodology behind the work and highlights how a package of complementary policies can help policy makers embark on highly ambitious renovation strategies. Download the case studies here

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[report] best practice building codes: insights from policy makers

28-07-2014 | Global 

The new Policy Paper released today captures the main findings of the dialogue initiated by the GBPN with practitioners and international code experts on the design and implementation of best practice building codes. The report provides an insight into the practical aspects of developing best practice building codes along with a number of recommendations on how code developers can strengthen progressive buildings codes in future.

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[ToOl] New BUilding rating website: leading online resource for building energy benchmarking policies 

27-06-2014 | Global & UNITED STATES

The GBPN and its U.S partner the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) unveiled the redesigned BuildingRating.org, the premier global resource for information and analytics on policies regarding the rating, or benchmarking, of building energy use.

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GBPN-MOHURD joint initiative in china 


The GBPN kicked-off its collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development (MOHURD) last June. The aim of the project is to adapt the GBPN policy best-practice tools for new and existing buildings in China. With our assistance MOHURD are adapting our policy comparison tools to help review Chinese building codes and supporting policies in 31 Provinces. The project was launched on the 24th of June at an expert working group meeting in Beijing. Experts from the Centre of Science and Technology of Construction (CSTC), regional Mohurds, and the GBPN joined the workshop and formed an international expert committee in charge of developing a Renewable Energy Policy Comparison Tool for China.