Newsletter 9 - September: Climate Summit, Energy Use Projections and Savings Potentials from Residential Buildings in India, & more

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Last week’s climate summit in New York was a crucial moment for all those committed to helping the building sector play its role in mitigating climate change. Why did the 120 government leaders invited by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, to make 4 minute speeches make a difference? 

It was crucial because in the next six months every country in the world has to publish a new set of climate targets as part of the international negotiations towards an agreement in Paris next year. With leaders’ public statements now on the record, the chances of stronger policies are much better. Several leaders also quoted the major New Climate Economy report published last week in advance of the summit, which provided governments with evidence on the economic benefits of climate action: there is now no need to choose between economic growth and reducing emissions: countries can do both together. Climate is definitely now back on the agenda and this should pave the way for a new international agreement to be signed in Paris next year (Read also our latest blog "Integrating Renewable Energy Requirements in Building Codes is Key to Helping the Building Sector Achieve its Mitigation Potential"). Last week was also marked by the launch of the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform in the UN General Assembly Hall during the Multilateral and Multi-stakeholder Action Announcements. At this occasion, Chad Holliday - Chairman of the Bank of America - focussed on the importance of the building sector. 

So, it is now up to us to convince decision makers that investing in energy efficiency in buildings offers the greatest opportunity to achieve energy savings and the most cost effective potential to cut carbon emissions compared to other energy consuming sectors while generating multiple benefits that range from energy security and economic competitiveness, to health and well-being.

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Peter Graham, Executive Director 


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[Report] Residential Buildings in India: Energy Use Projections and Savings Potentials

23.09.2014 | INDIA

This new GBPN report jointly developed with the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University, provides a first attempt to document energy saving potentials that could be achieved in India by 2050 in the residential sector. Four energy scenarios have been developed to identify the potential energy savings, each relating to a level of ambition of building performance policies and market efforts. With direct policy action, it is possible to realize 57% of energy savings by 2050 compared to business as usual and help India address current challenges posed by the population growth, higher comfort expectations and the increased use of appliances. 

Briefing, Executive Summary, Technical Report, Infographic

To share the main findings of the study, embed the infographic in your website using the code available at the bottom of this page

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[WEBINAR Report] The Role of Labelling and Certification Schemes in Renovation Policy Packages

18.09.2014 | Global Programme

The GBPN is hosting a series of four webinars on “how to” implement a successful policy package that targets energy renovations for residential buildings based on the findings from the Policy Tool for Renovation. The third webinar of the series, held on the 18th of September, invited best practice jurisdictions (United Kingdom, Ireland, New York City) to present their story on how to implement a successful labelling and certification scheme as part of a renovation strategy, with the aim of helping other jurisdictions to learn from their experiences. Presentations & video recording are now available here. Webinar #4 to be held by early December will fosucing on the role of financial and economic instruments. Agenda & registration information to be available shortly.

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[GBPN/BPIE Glossary] New connections with the Sustainable Construction Glossary

29.09.2014 | Global Programme

With about 500 terms, the GBPN/BPIE Glossary launched in February 2013 provides common definitions of key terms related to building energy efficiency and highlights regional differences in definitions in order to ensure that we all speak the same language and cooperate as effectively as possible. GBPN/BPIE strive to continuously expand the scope of their glossary and are very proud to be connected with the Sustainable Construction Glossary.

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WORLD SUSTAINABLE ENERGY DAYS 2015, 10 days left to contribute!

GBPN is a partner of the World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) to be held in Wels – Austria, from the 25th to the 27th of February 2015. The European Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Conference 2015 on high efficiency buildings will cover the latest trends in building technologies, policies and markets. It will present technology innovation, financing solutions as well as standards for NZEBs and how they can be met technically and economically. The Young Researchers’ Conference will aim at presenting the work and achievements of young researchers in the field of energy efficiency during the event. The best contribution will be honoured with the "Best Young Researchers' Award: Energy Efficiency". Get involved: Call for Papers & Speakers - deadline 10th of October!

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