GBPN is hiring Liaison Program Coordinator – Indonesia

2020/03 |

The Global Buildings Performance Network is recruiting a Liaison Program Coordinator – Indonesia (Consultant).

Issued:                                   12 March 2020

Closing Date:                         20 March 2020 - now extended until 25 March 2020

Target start date:                   06 April 2020



Liaison Program Coordinator – Indonesia (Consultant)

Eligibility requirement: candidates must be Indonesian nationals and/or residents with a valid work permit for the duration of the contract term.

About the Role

The Program Coordinator must have an awareness, respect and understanding of cross-cultural imperatives in Indonesia. You must be across the building sector policies in Indonesia from a National level and have insight to such policies at provincial levels especially in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogjakarta and Bali. Your existing network of the sector is an asset to this position.

It is vital to this position that you have a people-centred approach with multi-lateral building sector entities from a bottom-top perspective. Importantly, your command of Bahasa Indonesia and written skills of the language must be aligned with the level of multi-lateral entities ranging from Indonesian public service authorities, regulatory agencies, industry peak bodies, tertiary sector executive personnel, provincial community groups and others. This is necessary for effective, efficient and impactful coordination tasks.

You must be a self-starter with an ability to think on your feet and be ‘street smart’ in an Indonesian context. Being confident in coordinating and liaising with a range of stakeholders in the building sector will be key to achieving GBPN’s strategic engagement goals in Indonesia. This role also requires an individual to be aware of managing risks and challenges that may arise due to local circumstances whether political, environmental or socio-cultural.

A successful candidate will be an individual who displays desirable intrinsic qualities such as high level of work ethics, emotional intelligence and integrity. If you are passionate and ambitious about making a difference in climate action for the cause and communities you will be working with in Indonesia, this is an ideal career choice for you.

About GBPN

The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) is a globally organised and regionally focused non-profit organisation founded in 2010 to provide building energy policy expertise and technical support to assists governments and the buildings sector keep global warming below 1.5oC while achieving sustainable development goals. It does this through an international network of trusted global building energy policy experts in 22 countries that work to adapt and support implementation of policy best practices in local markets in Europe, USA, India, China and S.E. Asia. Our activities include capacity building for policy implementation, policy analysis and validation, and sharing of knowledge, data and experience on designing effective building energy codes and climate policies between regions. You can find more about GBPN at

GBPN’s Regional Objectives

Over the next 4 decades building floor area is projected to grow by 280 billion m2 (over 3 trillion sq.ft). After demolition rates are factored in this equates to adding an average of 6.5 billion m2 (70 billion sq.ft) of new floor area annually – equivalent to constructing the entire building stock of Japan every year from now until 2060. The majority of this growth in new floor area will occur in non-OECD Asia (India and S.E. Asia) between now and 2030. In rapidly growing economies such India and Indonesia residential building energy use has increased by more than 50% over the same period. This trend is accelerating, with the largest projected growth in energy demand from buildings in the next decade coming from new residential construction. Despite this, residential construction is the least regulated, with few countries in the region applying mandatory residential building energy codes. Our aim is to avoid more than 700MtCO2e of building energy-related GHG emissions by rapidly increasing the coverage and effective implementation of building energy policies in India and South East Asia.

Key Responsibilities

Build and Coordinate tasks for the High-Performance Indonesia Decarbonisation United-Leadership Policy-Advisory-Group (‘HIDUP’)

Develop and coordinate the secretariat tasks for HIDUP with local building sector experts comprising of multi-lateral building sector entities ranging from public service sector, local authority agencies, industry peak bodies, the tertiary sector and related building policy think-tanks. The community of HIDUP may include Jakarta, Bandung, Yogjakarta, Bali and other States/provinces.

Establish strategic communication protocols for the community of HIDUP

Develop and coordinate communication for the community of HIDUP through effective communication tools and protocols. Track progress on community of HIDUP for tasks collectively set by GBPN and HIDUP. Monitor and evaluate progress of HIDUP through regular meetings, feedback portals, etc. Identify opportunities for improvement, and communicate about progress to donors and external stakeholders.

Set-up ad-hoc Secretariat assistance for HIDUP

Develop and coordinate requests from the community of HIDUP by forming an ad-hoc secretariat service based on a schedule of service. Contribute to, and grow GBPN’s international expert network by enlisting experts from Indonesia in international knowledge exchange, communications, and capacity building initiatives.

Contribute to Strategic Liaison and Industry Intelligence on Indonesia’s Green Building Policy

Contribute with an entrepreneurial approach to the GBPN’s positioning in Indonesia by promoting GBPN-HIDUP as an influencer and thought-leader in the field of building energy and climate policy through on-line and off-line communications strategies such as blogs, social media, journal articles and traditional media outlets.

About the candidate’s work experience

This is a new role being created to assist with the coordination of program management tasks of GBPN’s Program Manager with clear and ambitious objectives. The ideal candidate will therefore be someone who thrives on this challenge, is creative, entrepreneurial, open-minded, has a sense of humour and is self-motivated. Your past and current work experience that may scaffold you to this role may include:

  • 5 years or more work experience in Indonesia in strategic communication, strategic engagement, business development in international program implementation and management, providing technical policy advice and coordinating networks of experts in climate-related building and urban issues in Indonesia.

  • Well networked with local authorities and/or understand local authority structure and decision-making processes

  • Familiar with regulatory regimes of the building sector or able to gain regulatory information expediently

  • Working knowledge of existing and emerging law and policy of the building sector in Indonesia

  • Attention to detail in governance correspondence and administrative tasks

  • Demonstrated on-the-ground experience in managing complex negotiations with public sector, private sector and industry bodies with competing interests

  • Experience in facilitating meetings following the protocol and decorum expected in Indonesian cross-cultural formal meeting environment

  • Ability to translate big-picture objectives into achievable goals, milestones and results

  • Ability to work autonomously to achieve results with minimal supervision

  • Strong interpersonal and listening skills

  • Ability to maintain composure, flexibility and a sense of humour when under pressure

  • Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia is essential and knowledge of regional language is desirable

Contract Terms, Compensation & Location

The Liaison Program Coordinator – Indonesia Consultant ́s relationship with GBPN will be that of an independent contractor and not that of an employee, and shall have full responsibility for compliance with all applicable labor and employment requirements with respect to Consultant’s self-employment, sole proprietorship or other form of business organization. The consultant needs to ensure he/she is indemnified for public liability during the course of the consultancy and ensure there is no conflict of interest with on-going clients/consulting assignments if successfully selected.

This is a part-time, fixed-term contract for 12 months, subject to review after 6 months. It is anticipated that services will require no more than 2.5 days per week on average. The contract is based on the submission of deliverables based on an agreed schedule. The submission of a monthly activity report indicating work done, and key deliverables for the given month will be required. GBPN would like to start the position immediately or as soon as possible (contract commencing 6 Apr. 2020).

The Consultant will be working from its regular place of work, using its own equipment (laptop, etc) and will not require office space from GBPN. This position is based in Indonesia, preferably in Jakarta, Bandung or Yogjakarta. Frequent travel within Indonesia, and working with colleagues internationally, outside normal working hours and across time-zones is required. Expenses or travel expenses must arise from work activities agreed with GBPN and be in direct relation with the deliverables. Expenses must be authorized by GBPN ahead of incurring any costs.

Instructions for Responding to this Request

Please provide an application, in English, including:

  • A proposal providing a work plan with reference to the Key Responsibilities and attributes that supports your application
    for the role and pricing information in U.S. Dollars for the services and work described.

  • An updated CV and cover letter detailing your work experience and qualifications to perform the role, including
    description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions. Please keep your response brief, yet adequately
    conveying your approach and recommendations to the work and how you would envisage your assignment. .

  • At least 3 references in your CV, preferably one from an international organisation in Indonesia or overseas.

Please indicate in your proposal your earliest commencement date and availability over the anticipated period of contract as well as your daily fee in U.S. Dollars.

Closing date for applications and enquiries

Please email all applications by 20 March 2020 to: stating Program Coordinator – Indonesia in the subject line. For enquiries on the position, please contact Jeswynn Yogaratnam, GBPN Strategic Engagement and Policy Program Manager,

Please note that the review and selection process will start as soon as the first proposals are received.


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