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2014/07 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

To provide insight into how to accelerate more and deeper renovation policies, the GBPN recently launched an on-line Policy Tool for Renovation that captures the performance of the current best practices in Europe and in the United States and enables their comparison. The new paper Reducing Energy Demand in Existing Buildings: Learning from Best Practice Renovation Policies details the methodology behind the work and highlights how a package of complementary policies can help policy makers embark on highly ambitious renovation strategies.


Report bundle / Business / Europe

Authors: 经济学人信息部 (EIU), GBPN委托, 与BPIE合作

April 2013


Technical Report: 印度建筑的减排潜力

Report / 2013/02/21 / India / English
Authors: 全球建筑最佳实践联盟 (The GBPN)



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