Deep Refurbishment


Buildings represent around a third of the total global energy use and the energy-related CO2 emissions, existing buildings account for a major part of this consumption, especially in developed countries. Therefore a critical pathway to reach policy targets for energy efficiency in the existing building stock is through Deep Energy Renovations.

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Authors: GBPN

June 2013

  • 与IMT合作,由GBPN委托EIU完成的对美国建筑领域高管的调研发现,美国不断上涨的建筑能源消耗将需要一个更协调和连贯的方式遵从节能规范和制度,应更侧重于有很大节能潜力的改造领域。同时开发新的融资机制以帮助机构投资者评估节能项目的风险也是至关重要的。


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