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A Guided Tour of Recently Launched Sustainable Building Initiatives

2014/12/11 | Anne-Claire Bellec | Global, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
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Mainstreaming sustainable buildings is essential if we are to effectively tackle climate change and provide sustainable urban environments. Despite the large number of organizations and programs in this space, the penetration of sustainable building practices is not yet mainstream in development activity, building & planning policies, or built environment education. 


This Laboratory seeks to improve collaboration amongst building data experts, modellers and all interested stakeholders in order to improve the quality of building performance data globally and in four key regions: China, the European Union, India and the United States. The GBPN calls for a collaborative effort towards making data transparent so that data collection, monitoring, reporting and evaluation leave no gaps and produce accurate, reliable and evidence-based data to design new policies that can help move the building stock towards zero energy. 

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Coordinated Global Action is Necessary to Achieve the Buildings Sector's Mitigation Potential

2014/04/15 | Peter Graham | Global, 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets

Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of being involved as a contributing author to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report Working Group III - Chapter 9 on Buildings released today. My involvement has enabled the GBPN to be ‘inside the tent’ along with 235 other scientists and researchers from 58 countries participating in the researching and review of mitigation scenarios and strategies by energy use sectors. 

Case Study: 从建筑业和房地产业视角看印度实现节能建筑规模化

Report / 2013/08/28 / India / English
Authors: GBPN


Highlight: Achieving scale in energy-efficient buildings in India: A view from the construction and real estate sector

Report / 2013/08/28 / India / English
Authors: GBPN

A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by the GBPN finds that while India’s commercial building sector has blazed the energy-effiency trail in the building sector, achieving significant scale will depend on efficiency measures becoming standard practice in the commercial middle market, retrofit and, particularly, the residential building segment. 


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