Energy Efficiency

Case Study: Achieving Scale in Energy-efficient Buildings in China: A View from the Construction and Real Estate Sectors

Report / 2013/08/06 / China / English
Authors: GBPN

A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by the GBPN, in collaboration with The China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP) finds that China is on the right track towards increasing energy efficiency in buildings. However, greater awareness, clearer rules and easier access to domestic financing are necessary to ensure that these efficiency measures are brought to the right scale.

Report bundle / Low Energy Buildings / South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN

February 2013

Discover where things stand regarding building energy data quality and availability in our four regions, this report reminds us of how far we have to go before a robust and comprehensive set of building data is in place and provides some recommendations of how we can get there.


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