The positive energy buildings laboratory seeks to develop interactive support for the development of roadmaps for positive energy buildings. The laboratory aims to do this by building on the lessons learned from GBPN's comparative study of building energy efficiency codes and policy packages for new buildings (residential and commercial). The study highlighted two key areas that require further research in order to ensure the accurate comparison of building codes and increased compliance with those standards.  

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Report bundle / Business, Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets, Policies, Policy Packages, Roadmaps / Global, 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN

June 2013


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"SMART BAHGS" for Policy Makers: How to Build up a Credible S.O.S?

2013/06/27 | Peter Graham | Global, 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets

What level of ambition should we have in supporting policies that achieve CO2 emission reductions from buildings? What we can we do together that can harness Speed and Opportunity to go to Scale (S.O.S)? 

2013/06 | Global全球South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

New GBPN Policy Paper shows that implementing ambitious performance building policies can achieve deep reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions and sets out the necessary steps towards a "Deep market transformation".


Policy Paper: Buildings For Our Future, The Deep Path for Closing the Emissions Gap in the Building Sector

Report / 2013/06/25 / Global / English
Authors: GBPN

Why buildings hold the key to a low-carbon future? The GBPN provides evidence that ambitious improvements in the energy performance of buildings can reduce their CO2 emissions by one third by 2050 and sets out the necessary steps towards a "Deep market transformation". 

Download the PDF of the report below or view the interactive PDF online here


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