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Authors: GBPN

With the goal of addressing climate concerns through lower carbon use, the GBPN shows that with ambitious improvements in the energy performance of buildings, it is possible to reduce their CO2 emissions by one third by 2050. The technology is there but policy priorities need re-setting and there must be a more concerted effort to learn from, and apply best practice policies to deliver this significant mitigation potential from buildings.

Positive Energy Buildings

In 2013, GBPN in partnership with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) launched the 1 Billion m2 of Positive Energy Buildings Campaign. This campaign aims to support the significant up-scale of buildings that produce more energy than they consume globally. Such a paradigm shift in the building sector is necessary if we are to tackle the predicted climate change impacts of the historically unprecedented boom in new construction in emerging economies and to ensure the supply of affordable energy for all.



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