GBPN I.T. & digital Strategy Project

For an Expression of Interest 


We only have 8 years to half buildings sector GHG emissions and be on a zero-emissions path. GBPN is  tackling this challenge by decarbonising the building sector through policy reform. This requires a collective  effort. 

GBPN is a globally and regionally focused non-governmental not-for-profit organisation. With teams  located around the world in Indonesia, India, Singapore, Australia, and Europe, GBPN brings over 10 years  of knowledge and innovation to sustainable building policy reform. With every project, governments  leverage our intellectual capital, our experience, analysis, evidence and our network. 

GBPN works using a unique coalition model that connects local policymakers and building professionals  with industry-leading experts to reform building policies to achieve zero-emissions goals. We combine  global insights with local action changing building policy through education, support and collaboration.  We’re changing the conversation, highlighting the climate, health, economic and environmental benefits of  policy reform. 

Our primary audiences are government policy and decision makers and experts working within the building  sector to assist in limiting climate change (e.g., academics, researchers, developers, designers, renewable  energy experts etc).  

Our goal is to assist governments and industry to achieve their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement  and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to advance building energy performance and realise  sustainable and healthy built environments for all. 

The digital world and the way people interact with it is evolving rapidly. We therefore want to take a critical  look at how effectively we currently use the digital world to achieve our mission – and identify a future-ready  strategy that will adapt to change, and enable us to always put the digital world potently to tackle climate  change in the buildings sector.

The Opportunity

Our organisation recognizes the critical necessity of embarking on a comprehensive digital transformation  voyage in the midst of a dynamic digital era. We are actively looking for a seasoned consultant or  organisation to help us navigate these intricate pathways. This expert entity will guide our evolution,  ensuring that we improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and bolster our reputation  as a forward-thinking, innovative enterprise. Your expertise will illuminate our path, allowing us to  seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, embrace data-driven decision-making, and cultivate an  agile, resilient operational framework that is prepared to meet future challenges and seize future  opportunities. 

GBPN is seeking the services of a partner organisation who can work closely with the Executive team at  GBPN to develop a fit for purpose and future ready IT & digital strategy. The project itself will have 2  specific phases as outlined below. Phase 1 will be completed first followed by Phase 2  

Phase 1: Jan 2024 – Mar 2024 

  • Platforms & tools – current status assessment & recommendations  

Phase 2: May 2024 – July 2024 

  • Tech partnerships – new opportunities  
  • IT strategy – fit for purpose & future ready  

Specific details for each phase are detailed in the section below: Scope of the Work.  

Project Timeline:  

Phase 1: Jan 2024 – Mar 2024 

Phase 2: May 2024 – July 2024


We are looking for a consultant/ organisation with a proven track record in digital transformation and  developing IT & digital strategies for nonprofits. It is an additional benefit if the consultant/ organisation  has knowledge/ experience dealing with climate-change, energy-efficiency and environmental policy or  related fields. 

All consultants/ organisations must fulfil the following criteria:

Required Experience

1. Proven Experience: 

Minimum of 10 years in the I.T. and digital strategy field. 

Demonstrable experience in the successful execution of comprehensive I.T. & digital strategy  projects, particularly within the nonprofit sector. 

2. Technical Expertise: 

 2.1 Innovative I.T. Solutions: 

  • Proven ability to design and implement forward-thinking I.T. and digital strategies that align with  organisational objectives and enhance operational efficiency. 

 2.2 Technical Skills: 

  • Mastery in contemporary IT infrastructure, cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity and AI.

3. Project Management: 

 3.1. Successful Project Delivery: 

  • A consistent record of delivering projects on time within scope and budget. 

 3.2 Risk Management: 

  • Expertise in identifying and proactively addressing potential risks to prevent disruption.

4. Communication Skills: 

 4.1 Multilingual Proficiency: 

  • Command over English and additional languages to ensure effective communication with global  stakeholders. 

 4.2 Clear Reporting: 

  • Ability to create and present clear, concise, and comprehensive project reports and updates.

5. Analytical Skills: 

5.1 Data-Driven Decision Making: 

  • Exceptional analytical skills to drive decision-making and strategy based on comprehensive data  analysis. 

6. Customised Approach: 

6.1 Adaptability:

  • Ability to tailor strategies and solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of GBPN.

Desired Experience

1 Industry Knowledge: 

  • Familiarity with the environmental and building sector, focusing on decarbonization and energy  efficiency.

2 Understanding of Climate Issues:

  • Climate-Conscious Approach and knowledge of climate-related issues and a commitment to  promoting environmental sustainability.

Scope of work

The scope of this project is organised into 3 main components to be carried out by the consultant/ organisation:

The full scope of work consists of 2 Phases:

Phase 1:
● Platforms & tools – current status assessment & recommendations

Phase 2:
● Tech partnerships – new opportunities
● IT & digital strategy – fit for purpose & future ready


Platforms & tools: Current status assessment & recommendations
In this segment, the selected consultant/organisation will comprehensively evaluate both official and unofficial IT & digital platforms and tools currently in use within GBPN.

1. Key Tasks Include:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive audit of approximately 10 official platforms, as well as any unofficial tools utilised by team members.
    Our main platforms include:
    • WordPress – (website) – 2 – 3 users
    • Drupal – (GBPN Knowledge Library) – 1 – 2 users
    • Web hosting – 1 location
    • Zoho – 5 – 6 users but may expand this
    • Sendgrid – 2 – 3 users
    • ClickUp – 30 users (project management tool)
    • Dropbox – 4 – 5 users
    • G-suite – 30 users
    • Docusign – 3 – 4 users
    • Miro – 3 users on paid account
    • Canva – free account for no profits but 3 – 4 people use it
  2. Identify redundancies, potential upgrades, and gaps within the current digital ecosystem.
  3. Formulate clear, actionable strategies to enhance efficiency and utility, ensuring each platform is optimally used.

2. Specific Questions to Address:

  • Assessment of the aptness of the current platforms/tools for GBPNs operational needs.
    • Project management: increase efficiency & productivity
    • Resource Management & Utilisation for best results
    • HR, team onboarding, performance management, professional development
    • Internal communication, collaboration, peer to peer learning
  • Evaluation of the ‘fit for purpose’ and utilisation efficiency of each tool and platform.
  • Identification of the best platform for areas where we currently don’t have a tool, such as resource management and internal comms.
  • Identification of gaps and outdated platforms/tools, with recommendations for replacements or upgrades.
  • Suitability of platforms/ tools to support organisational growth and the establishment of local entities in new countries.
  • Proposal for steps and tools required to fortify GBPNs future-readiness.
  • Suggestions for enhancing operational efficiencies, streamlining processes, and bolstering internal management and controls.
  • Analysis of inter-platform communication, ensuring seamless interaction among various tools.
  • Detailed strategies for maximising data security and ensuring robust protection against potential breaches, including:
    • Management of emails when employees leave

3. Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive Report:
    a. Audit and assessment of our current tools and platforms based on operational needs
    b. Identified any redundancies, replacements, potential upgrades, and gaps
    c. Recommendations and action plan based on the outcomes from a and b.
    d. Recommendations on how GBPN should manage their IT – dedicated resource, outsource etc

Component 1: Technology Partnerships / Opportunities
Evaluate potential technology partnerships that GBPN could leverage or develop to co-create / co-deliver some of GBPNs work – such as training, growing the movement, raising community awareness, increasing the demand side for sustainable buildings etc. These partnerships could have the potential to bring in one or multiple opportunities such as building momentum and credibility to the cause, raise funds and provide access to resources, technologies, new audiences etc. The outcomes of this should be built into our strategy to strengthen our innovation, opportunity and impact.

2.1 Evaluation and Identification:

  • Potential Partnerships:
    • Conduct an in-depth analysis to identify potential technology partners that align with GBPN’s objectives and values.
    • Scrutinise prospective partners for synergy in co-creating and co-delivering initiatives such as training, community awareness, and demand amplification for sustainable buildings.
  • Strategic Alignment:
    • Ensure identified partnerships resonate with GBPN’s overarching goals and augment our capacity to grow the movement and raise awareness efficiently.

2.2 Leverage for Impact:

  • Diverse Opportunities:
    • Evaluate the potential of each partnership to introduce multifaceted opportunities, such as enhancing momentum, enhancing credibility, and expanding access to vital resources and new audiences.

2.3 Integration into Strategy:

  • Strategic Incorporation:
    • Seamlessly integrate the outcomes of the technology partnership evaluations into GBPN’s wider strategy.
    • Ensure the integrated approach fortifies GBPN’s innovation, opportunity exploration, and overall impact.
    • Establish a framework for the continual assessment of the partnerships by the GBPN team.

2.4 Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive Report:
    • Deliver a detailed report outlining potential partnerships, their evaluated impact, and a clear, actionable plan for strategic integration.
  • Recommendations: Provide insights and recommendations for maximising the potential of each partnership, ensuring alignment with GBPN’s mission and objectives.

Components 2: IT & Digital strategy: fit for purpose and future ready

The IT & digital strategy will provide a roadmap for how GBPN should leverage technology to support and advance our organisational goals and objectives. The strategy will be aligned with GBPNs overall organisational strategy and theory of change, and ensure we are maximising efficiencies, processes, and our competitive edge. It will help us to foster innovation by identifying opportunities to use technology in unique ways, such as partnerships, that help us to scale our impact. It will help us to strengthen and sustain the trust we have with our valuable stakeholders and promote our long-term sustainability.

GBPN has a distributed team that works remotely across Asia, Australia and Europe. We need to work efficiently and autonomously, but at the same time we need a standard for GBPN digital asset handling and protection, internal comms, collaboration, sharing etc. GBPN team members should be using GBPNs system, following standardised processes that are up to date, efficient and easy to follow.

IT & Digital Strategy – how will we use it

  • Provide a Technology Roadmap
    • Provide a technology roadmap to 2030 that defines how GBPN should optimise and leverage technology, including A.I., to become leaders in our industry. The roadmap will maximise efficiencies, processes, competitiveness, innovation, impact and scalability.
  • Project management, increase efficiency & productivity
    • Improve the design & management of projects, increase efficiency of processes and workflows, introduce/ advance automations, reduce operational costs
  • Resource Management & Utilization
    • Allocate and manage resource utilisation, to maximise efficiency, optimise output and meet operational needs. Clear visibility over utilisation and adjustments as needed.
  • HR, team onboarding, performance management, professional development
    • Implement a first-class HR management system that enables growth and promotes a healthy working environment, wellbeing and retention
  • Internal communication, collaboration, peer to peer learning
    • Across our global team to promote seamless communication, creativity, innovation and make redundant slow response times, lost information, and ineffective idea-sharing.
  • External communication and CRM
    • Across all our stakeholders to build trusting and sustainable stakeholder relationships, demonstrating GBPNs reliability, quality standards and ROI.
  • Optimisation of technology partnerships
    • GBPN wants to identify optimal tech partnerships to co-create / co-deliver key pieces of work in order to create new opportunities, accelerate change and grow the movement for change.

Some key components (but are not limited to):

GBPN will need guidance as part of the strategy on the following:

  • Guidance on adoption, training & change management
    • Provide guidance for organisational adoption of the IT & digital tools and strategy including internal communication, change management and training to ensure the strategy is successful.
  • Guidance on IT & digital governance and processes:
    • Unification of systems so that information can be more easily shared, such as finance trackers to project areas; legacy content for reuse; authorisation and delegation implemented into all systems; new automations and document flows.
  • How to measure success:
    • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the success and effectiveness of the IT strategy.
  • Data Management
    • Develop a data management strategy to ensure GBPN is GDPR compliant, along with any other compliance requirements.
  • Security and Risk Management:
    • Identify any IT-related security risks and subsequent mitigating strategies.
  • Budget and Resource Allocation:
    • Provide details on the budget allocation for IT initiatives and the resources required to implement the strategy.
  • Migration recommendations
    • Provide migration guidelines and recommendations for any new or different systems or processes recommended within the strategy.


We would like you to submit an expression of interest as a first point of call.
Please include:

  • a short description of your approach,
  • 5- 7 bullet points to tell us why you are the right consultant/firm for GBPN to work with,
  • Your proposed timelines,
  • An estimated financial cost for phase 1

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a short screening call and then requested to submit a full proposal for the work.
Phase 1 budget expected to be no more than US$15,000

Applications: should be sent to: procurement@gbpn.org
Deadline: 8 January 2024


Assignment through a (consulting) contract for phase 1.

GBPN and the selected partner will then have a chance to discuss/revise / adjust Phase 2, with mutually agreed terms/scope/financials before signing the contract for phase 2.

The consultant/ organisation will work from their normal place of work.
Schedule of Payment:
The consultant/partner organisation will be remunerated upon signing the contractual agreement, upon submission of outputs and upon approval of the final report/contract output. The consultant/partner organisation may propose a payment schedule as part of the financial proposal

Any reimbursement for travel expenses will require prior approval by the GBPN team.


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GBPN runs innovative building policy reform programs in key regions around the world that aim to tackle the climate emergency by decarbonising the buildings sector. Stay up to date with our newsletter.

Stay in touch with how we’re transforming the buildings sector

GBPN runs innovative building policy reform programs in key regions around the world that aim to tackle the climate emergency by decarbonising the buildings sector. Stay up to date with our newsletter.