Arjun Desai

Arjun Desai

Research Associate at CEPT

Given the forecast of increase in the residential cooling energy demand, I believe there is a huge opportunity to reduce the residential cooling energy demands by promoting energy efficient building design. At CARBSE, we study on different low energy cooling options and energy efficient building materials that can help reduce the cooling energy demand.

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Arjun is a research associate at Centre for Advanced Research Building Science and Energy (CARBSE) CEPT University. He is working on developing a visualization tool for low energy cooling (LEC) systems that can help architects and designers to understand the working and limitation of LEC systems. He has led study to examine the effects of thermally activated furniture (TAF) using radiant panels on human thermal comfort, energy usage and perceived air quality (PAQ) in different environmental conditions carried out in a thermal comfort chamber.

Arjun has completed his M.Tech in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University and holds Bachelor of engineering degree in Civil from GTU. He aspires to focus on improving the Energy Efficiency in buildings through research and their application. As a part of his research thesis, Arjun has developed a tool which shows the effectiveness of passive strategies in reducing the cooling energy required by buildings in 59 Indian cities. He has published few papers on the same topic.