Craig Burton

Knowledge Manager

The building-energy gap means that new and retrofitted efficient buildings do not exhibit much of the energy savings expected of them once their occupants move in. Part of decarbonising the built environment will involve behaviour change and education for occupants, owners, designers and policymakers. The technologies for a sustainable built environment are already available. They need to be deployed en masse and fully exploited by building users for best emissions reduction outcomes.

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Craig Burton is GBPN's Knowledge Manager. Craig supports policy planning and policy adoption programs in collaboration with GBPN's expert partners in S.E. Asia and India.
His background is in building energy research with a particular focus on behavior change. Craig previously built and provided content for BuildingPolicy.net (the "How-To-Hub") and he supported and extended the Low Carbon Living CRC Knowledge Hub BuiltBetter.org. Craig provided information systems design for APO.org.au, The Analysis and Policy Observatory. Previously Craig created bilingual multimedia training materials for Aluminium Pechiney (now Alcoa) and La Trobe University.


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