Iwan Prijanto

Chairperson GBC Indonesia
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Starting his early career as architect at PT Fincode international & Associates in 1992, and since then Iwan has gone through various cross-industry professional experiences. His professional competencies range from architectural and urban planning and design, strategic management, to urban transit planning, design and development. Since year 2003 Iwan has focused on "strategic master planning", which is a professional service that combines strategic management thinking with spatial and creative thinking. The main objective is to build a smart vision of regional development that is manifested in an integrated policy of infrastructure, urban renewal and architecture that is sustainable and resilient. 

In 2009 Iwan co-founded the Green Building Council of Indonesia (GBC Indonesia), a non-profit organization consisting of professionals from various disciplines and various prominent companies in the building and construction industry in Indonesia. Since October 2018 Iwan was elected as the chairperson of GBC Indonesia. Previously (2015-2018), Iwan was appointed as Chairperson of IABHI (Indonesian Institute of Green Building Experts). Since early 2011 Iwan has been a speaker at various major national and international seminars and workshops with topics on green building, urban transit design infrastructure development, and Net Zero Architecture. 

Currently Iwan is the CEO of PT DEX Solusi Transit, a consulting company engaged in infrastructure, urban and architecture design-development where he has become principal planner and designer on several development projects.

Iwan graduated Architecture from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung 1991, and Management Magister from PPM School of Management, Jakarta 2006. Besides Greenship Professional (Green Building accredited professional) certificate Iwan has also obtained various important professional certificates including in the field of MRT station architecture design from LTA (Land Transport Authority Singapore) and SIA (Singapore Institute of Architecture), and Senior Environmental Development Program from BCA (Building Construction Authority Singapore).