Kevin Mo 莫争春

Kevin Mo

Managing Director at The PAULSON Institute Beijing Rep. Office China

With its 45 billion sq. meters of existing building stock and the rapid urbanization that adds another 3 billion sq. meters of new buildings each year, China has to fight in two battle fields — retrofitting of existing buildings and building energy efficient new buildings. With the GBPN, we facilitate exchanges of best practices between China and the international community to help us win these two battles that we simply can't afford to lose. 

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Dr. Kevin Mo is responsible for developing and managing strategies that generate policy wins in the building and appliance sectors. He is in charge of a portfolio of grants covering the following major initiatives: appliance standards and labels, building codes, existing building retrofits, renewable energy application in buildings, and green buildings. Dr. Mo has extensive experience working with U.S., Chinese and international policymakers and researchers in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability. Prior to joining the Energy Foundation, Dr. Mo was a Project Director of International Sustainable Buildings with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Before joining NRDC, he worked as a research engineer on energy efficiency for six years with the Maryland-based NAHB Research Center. He also taught in China’s Tsinghua University for three years before earning his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University.