Khadija Esseghairi

Finance Assistant
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Khadija has a Master of Science in Energy and Environment and a Certificate of Energy and Renewable Energy Finance from Frankfurt School of Management and Finance.  For the last 7 years, she has been involved in developing and promoting renewable energy in MENA and particularly in Tunisia. She has worked for different types of institutions and has a good understanding of the financial and policy issues.

Khadija has worked as energy finance analyst in the Green for Growth Fund and was mainly involved in the technical implementation of the financing facility within Financial Institutions through identifying eligible projects and developing tailored technical assistance. Prior to this, she was technical expert for the GIZ in "Developing the Solar Market in Tunisia" project. Khadija has mainly focused on shaping a more enabling environment for solar energy and developing a sustainable market for small and medium-sized photovoltaic and solar-thermal energy systems in Tunisia. Together with partners at the national, local and regional levels, she  has worked on implementing a more conducive regulatory framework for self-consumption and  feed in Tariff schemes and led capacity building and B2B programs with financial institutions to facilitate access to finance.