Rajan Rawal

Senior Expert

Access to energy is critical to sustain economic growth. Energy efficiency in buildings helps reduce energy consumption, manage peak demand and reduce carbon emissions. CEPT University and GBPN work together and combine their technical expertise to improve building performance in India and other parts of the world. 

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Rajan Rawal is Senior Expert for the GBPN executive team. Architect by profession, Rajan is a faculty member at CEPT University (India), and coordinator of the activities of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE). With extensive expertise in the building energy efficiency sector, Rajan is a member of some of the most important technical committees driving building energy efficiency in India. Prof Rawal also leads the Indo-US Joint Clean Energy R&D Centre for Building Energy Efficiency as Project Director. In this role, he works closely with the Government, academia and industries.  

Email: rajanrawal@cept.ac.in