[News] Climate success in Paris: the buildings sector’s key role

09-10-2015 | GlobalSouth-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

The buildings sector’s crucial role in mitigating climate change is finally being recognized. For the first time in the history of climate negotiations, a Buildings Day will be held December 3 at the COP21 UN conference on climate change in Paris. It will bring together innovative businesses and UN negotiators to work for the future of our planet.

Oliver Rapf, Director of the Buildings Performance Institute, explains why and what needs to be achieved.

Read the full article on the website of Friends of Europe.


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The Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) is dedicated to improving the energy performance of buildings across Europe, and thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions from the energy used by buildings. BPIE acts both as an international centre of expertise on all aspects of energy efficiency and energy performance in European buildings, and as the European centre for a Global Buildings Performance Network created by ClimateWorks.

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