Deep Retrofit

Highlight: 什么是深度改造的定义?

Report / 01-03-2013 / Global / 中文
Authors: 全球建筑最佳实践联盟 (The GBPN)


More and Deeper Renovation

Buildings represent around a third of the total global energy use and the energy-related CO2 emissions, existing buildings account for a major part of this consumption, especially in developed countries. Therefore a critical pathway to reach policy targets for energy efficiency in the existing building stock is through Deep Energy Renovations.



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Definition of DR

The GBPN found that there was a lack of a commonly agreed definition for deep renovation, additionally, there are a variety of terminologies in use by different regions. The definitions most commonly found globally are: deep renovation, deep retrofit and deep refurbishment.

The largest differences in definition occurred in the EU and the US.  The GBPN found that confusions arising in defining a deep renovation hinder the uptake and demand for these deep energy improvements. Therefore, GBPN’s goal was to establish a clear and harmonised definition for deep renovation.



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