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06-2014 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

Today, as a contribution to the World Environment Day (WED), the GBPN launches a new open source interactive tool for identifying the best possible policy scenarios for saving energy in the building sector worldwide. The new Tool for Building Energy Performance Scenarios (BEPS) enables anyone interested in energy efficiency in buildings to access data and projections and find out where we could be in terms of energy use by 2050 under three different scenarios (deep, moderate and frozen), depending on the ambitiousness of policy decisions and technology choices. 

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05-2014 | Europe

As the deadline for European Member States to present their national renovation strategy is imminent on April 30, BPIE, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the German Institute for Energy and Environment (IFEU) will hold an event to present case studies of innovative approaches to renovating building stocks (16 May 2014 in Brussels from 9:45 a.m to 1:00 p.m).

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Coordinated Global Action is Necessary to Achieve the Buildings Sector's Mitigation Potential

15-04-2014 | Peter Graham | Global, 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets

Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of being involved as a contributing author to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report Working Group III - Chapter 9 on Buildings released today. My involvement has enabled the GBPN to be ‘inside the tent’ along with 235 other scientists and researchers from 58 countries participating in the researching and review of mitigation scenarios and strategies by energy use sectors. 
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04-2014 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

The new  Policy Tool for Renovation compares and analyses twelve best practice renovation policies for residential buildings from Europe and the United States, using fourteen criteria that define a “state of the art” policy package. This new and detailed analysis of current best practice renovation policies supports decision makers to accelerate the design and implementation of more ambitious energy renovation policies. 

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Report bundle / Business, Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets, Policies, Policy Packages, Roadmaps / South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN

June 2013



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