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Report bundle / Buildings Energy Efficiency Codes / South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN

February 2013

The GPBN has published the first objective criteria for comparing best approaches to energy efficiency building codes. The criteria, developed by experts and based on examples from around the world, are classified in an easy on-line tool designed to promote adoption of ambitious dynamic codes within a strong policy framework.



03-2013 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

The GBPN has researched 25 best-practice building energy efficiency codes from around the world, analysing the content of these codes in terms of best-practice elements and comparing how the implementation of these elements compares across codes. The outcome of the research entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency Policies for New Buildings” provides the first objective criteria for comparing best practice approaches to energy efficiency building codes (residential and commercial). Through this report, the GBPN aims to assist decision-makers to understand the mechanisms behind dynamic building codes and strengthen the future design of dynamic policies taking implementation and evaluation into consideration. 

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Report bundle / Buildings Energy Efficiency Codes / South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: 全球建筑最佳实践联盟 (The GBPN)

February 2013




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Comparing Data Quality

19-02-2013 | Sophie Shnapp | 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Policies

The Global Buildings Network Performance’s recent report “Comparing Data Quality & Collection” reveals just how much data quality varies in four priority regions – China, the EU, India and the US.

We found that quality and availability of data around in our four regions varies considerably; there are large data gaps, weaknesses and inaccessibility that preclude accuracy in modelling (see the figure below).

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Data is All Around Us

19-02-2013 | Marine Faber | Europe, 欧洲
Categories: Communications

The 3rd International Open Data Day will take place on Saturday 23rd February 2013. Why not have a look at what is going on in this matter? At BPIE, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, the GBPN Europe Hub, we are really interested to see what is happening, especially since we launched our data hub late 2012.

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Report bundle / Buildings Energy Efficiency Codes / Europe, China, 中国, 印度, 欧洲, 美国, South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: 美国劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室编制, GBPN委托

February 2013




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