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Municipal policy makers need to navigate, analyse and prioritise a broad range of resources available on buildings efficiency online in order to tailor solutions to their specific local circumstances. However, the proliferation of on-line resources does not necessarily lead to better decision-making or access to trusted sources upon which decisions can be made. Many resources are offered without clear provenance or transparency on the source, quality or utility of resources.

01-2014 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

Last November, GBPN launched a series of webinars on the "How To" of Building Energy Code Development. The next and the last webinar “Getting Building Codes Right: Implementation and Enforcement” will explore the barriers that are faced by countries particularly when it comes to implementing rigorous enforcement systems for new buildings, will present examples of good enforcement as well as other best practice measures for supporting implementation.

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The “How To” of Code Development

17-10-2013 | Niamh McDonald | Global, 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Buildings Energy Efficiency Codes

Last August, the IEA & UNDP hosted a webinar to launch their joint publication: “Modernising Building Energy Codes to Secure our Global Energy Future”. The issues discussed in the webinar were very important but from the questions asked by the audience, it was clear that there is still a demand for further information about how to implement the recommendations made and to learn from existing best-practice examples.

Sharing the best-practices online

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Highlight: 从建筑业和房地产业视角看中国实现节能建筑规模化

Report / 06-08-2013 / China / English
Authors: GBPN

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