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04-2014 | China中国

3月3日新发布节能改造政策工具现今起其中文版正式运营。 该工具为中国相关机构提供了国际最佳实践节能改造政策中关于适应、开发和应用的专业信息。3月3日新发布节能改造政策工具现今起其中文版正式运营。 该工具为中国相关机构提供了国际最佳实践节能改造政策中关于适应、开发和应用的专业信息。

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01-2014 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

Last November, GBPN launched a series of webinars on the "How To" of Building Energy Code Development. The next and the last webinar “Getting Building Codes Right: Implementation and Enforcement” will explore the barriers that are faced by countries particularly when it comes to implementing rigorous enforcement systems for new buildings, will present examples of good enforcement as well as other best practice measures for supporting implementation.

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Briefing: Achieving scale in energy-efficient buildings in India: A view from the construction and real estate sectors

Report / 28-08-2013 / India / English
Authors: GBPN

A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by the GBPN finds that while India’s commercial building sector has blazed the energy-effiency trail in the building sector, achieving significant scale will depend on efficiency measures becoming standard practice in the commercial middle market, retrofit and, particularly, the residential building segment. 


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