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Report bundle / Business, Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets, Policies, Policy Packages, Roadmaps / South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN

June 2013

With the goal of addressing climate concerns through lower carbon use, the GBPN shows that with ambitious improvements in the energy performance of buildings, it is possible to reduce their CO2 emissions by one third by 2050. The technology is there but policy priorities need re-setting and there must be a more concerted effort to learn from, and apply best practice policies to deliver this significant mitigation potential from buildings.

Technical Report: 印度建筑的减排潜力

Report / 21-02-2013 / India / English
Authors: 全球建筑最佳实践联盟 (The GBPN)


Report bundle / Low Energy Buildings / Europe, China, 中国, 印度, 欧洲, 美国, South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN和欧洲中央大学气候变化与可持续能源政策中心

February 2013


Multimedia: 建筑能效:最佳实践政策和政策包

Report / 31-10-2012 / Global / 中文
Authors: 美国劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室编制, GBPN委托


Report bundle / Buildings Energy Efficiency Codes / South-East Asia, South-East Asia

Authors: GBPN

February 2013

The GPBN has published the first objective criteria for comparing best approaches to energy efficiency building codes. The criteria, developed by experts and based on examples from around the world, are classified in an easy on-line tool designed to promote adoption of ambitious dynamic codes within a strong policy framework.




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