P>P Pitch to Policy: A GBPN policy intervention competition

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Climate impacts in South East Asia are predicted to be an extreme risk to human health 

This is due to extended heatwaves, more hot days and hotter nights. The worsening climate outcomes are due to GHG emissions from the buildings sector continue to increase. Building-related emissions in 2019 were 7% higher than in 2010. Neither current policy ambition, nor market penetration of sustainable housing has been sufficient. To make matters worse, built area is predicted to increase by three fold in South East Asian nations by 2050 and the reliance on conventional built form hi-rise relies critically on air conditioning.  The intersection of increased heat, new energy demand and fossil fuel energy sources means changes to built environment are now part of an emergency response to climate change.

Pitch To Policy is a call out for building sector professionals, managers, and designers who can make immediate sustainable choices in their work. These actors are working today where there are chances to remove obtacles, where they can try technologies and they can make choices that start our field in much more sustainable directions. These actions and choices are ultimately accompanied by policy change, top-down governance and national plans but Pitch To Policy acts more quickly, with immediate opportunities at the work site, on the drawing paper and in the market.

Top-down and bottom-up efforts together are needed to mainstream buildings that are climate responsible and meet sustainable development goals. Succeeding in the housing sector is especially critical.  

Do you or your network have actionable, innovative or transformative opportunities to reduce the climate impact of housing? GBPN is calling for individuals or small teams to participate in Pitch To Policy to expand the development and retrofit of healthy, near-zero emissions apartments.  If you could change one thing what would that be? A change in the local law or local building codes? Or maybe you have an idea how to reduce energy use? Or improve thermal comfort? We want to hear your pitch!

GBPN will provide high quality evidence and training, and will help you to build your project and pitch it.  A pitch is just like pitching a new invention, but you will be pitching your opportunity for change.

When your team pitches, it competes with up to 9 other teams. Applicants who are judged by participating local government officials, experts and donors win will receive mentorship to make change and exclusive opportunities to get further funding with GBPN.

Deepen your knowledge

P>P will provide participants with intensive tailored training or expert insights to help them take an opportunity, remove and obstacle, get access to the right people or whatever they need to succeed.  You'll have the opportunity to learn about the obstacles and challenges in the built environment: building regulations, best practices, technology, enforcement, occupant behaviours or any other topic that might be relevant to your idea. We'll help you to build your project and to develop it for funding.

Who can participate?

Engineers, society members, architects, bloggers or field experts, anyone with a convincing plan can participate. Submitted solutions can be technically complex as well geniously simple, as long as they make an impact on the building environment sustainability.

Pitching final

Participants pitch their idea in front of the Jury consisting of building experts, engineers, policy shapers and entrepreneurs. The winners will become part of GBPN network to receive long-term support to hopefully become fully funded.

How much time will the competition require from me?

We intend to provide approximately 20-30h of training and tutoring that will take place mainly online in order to facilitate the participation of those who have professional engagements.

A bootcamp is run online where everyone works together for six half-days. The pitching final is run at the bootcamp.

Country competitions

P>P Pitch to Policy Competition in Indonesia: August - November 2020 

Country specific theme: Solutions for Healthy near zero apartments 

Cost: Free

Please visit: Institute of Architects West Java


P>P Pitch to Policy Competition in India: December 2020 - Febuary 2021 

Country specific theme: Solutions for Healthy near zero apartments 

Cost: Free

Please visit: psCollective 


Mentors & experts

If you're a teacher, professor or expert, but don't want to participate in the competition with an idea, join in with your knowledge! You can contribute with content, expertise, course or a workshop. If you have a course or a material that you'd like to share or apply as a mentor, send an email to Craig.burton@gbpn.org