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Pitch to Policy Terms and Conditions


Please read this if you are admitted to the Pitch To Policy programme.  It describes the terms and conditions for participants of this programme.  It serves as guidance for the process and intentions of Pitch To Policy as fair, safe, responsible and professional.


Background: Pitch To Policy is an educational programme.  It provides a competition for final presentations referred to as the Pitching competition.  The goal of the programme is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other co-benefits in the built environment through any and all changes to policy, materials, process, education, and practice which can be affected by professionals who apply to this programme.  Pitch To Policy has the specific goal of finding and promoting teams of built environment professionals who have ideas for healthy zero emissions apartments and homes through practical measures that can have an influence on policy.



  • The programme is open to residents and nationals in teams of up to 5 people. 
  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Teams must be made up of professionals from the built environment or they must have professional skills relevant to the team proposal, which must be a means for direct or indirect reduction of built environment greenhouse gas emissions.



  • Applicants are selected based on their submission of answers recorded in an online form.
  • All applicants need to be competent to read and speak English.
  • Applicants must have internet access.  This programme is entirely online and will use video conferencing apps.
  • Selection is via the judgement of the participating partner(s) and GBPN.  The selections are final and no correspondence is entered into.
  • Applicants provide details of their project, programme, intervention, idea or obstacle.  
  • Applicants retain all rights to their own inventions or ideas.  GBPN reserves the right to publish and use any of submitted ideas for policy development purposes (see Personal Information, below). This will be negotiated with the entities after the judging (see below) is complete.



  • Pitch To Policy 2020 is free.  It is entirely online with no face-to-face meetings or in-person obligations.
  • Participants attend voluntarily and can leave at any time if they wish.
  • Participants are expected to cover their own costs such as for Internet access
  • Participants are not expected to obtain leave from their workplace and they pursue any activities for Pitch To Policy out of business hours.  Participants can attend from their workplace subject to permission from their employer.
  • Participants are obliged to discuss their selection into Pitch To Policy with their employer or their direct report.  This is advised because Pitch To Policy encourages participants to change business practices.  This means that participants and facilitators will encourage the examination of work place practices inasmuch as they may be improved or changed to reduce building emissions.


Education / research

  • Participants are given material to read and explore.  This material may include websites, journal articles, book chapters, public reports, recorded lectures or other materials.  These are intended to help the team deepen their knowledge of the problem or solution they are pursuing.  The materials are likely to differ between teams.  The Pitch requires teams to demonstrate acquired fluency in the field that their idea is from.
  • Materials shared with participants retain the copyright of their authors and should not be shared further.  Materials may be licensed by GBPN for the purpose of Pitch To Policy so that they can be shared to participants.
  • Participants may be connected to a mentor.  Mentors are available for certain ideas and themes depending on the expertise needed.  Not all teams may be connected to a mentor.
  • The materials belonging to the mentor retain their copyright or other protections and should not be shared further.
  • Mentors will share material they have appropriate access to share, or that which has been licensed by GBPN for the purpose of Pitch To Policy.
  • Mentors do not judge either applicants nor participants.  Mentors use best efforts to help teams but mentors are not responsible for teams winning or not.
  • Materials provided are in English.



  • Bootcamp is an intensive education process where all teams are shown the same training.  The teams are expected to adapt this information for their own use.
  • Bootcamp provides facilitators and presenters.  Facilitators help teams understand the pitching process and to make their pitches better.  Presenters are international experts in policy and other topics.  Presenters provide information to help teams improve their pitches.  Facilitators will work with teams as much as they are available.
  • Presenters and facilitators use best efforts to help teams but they are not responsible for teams winning or not.
  • Presenters and Facilitators speak English.
  • Materials provided are in English.



  • Teams present an 8 minute presentation they have made in Bootcamp.
  • The judges are selected officials and experts.  Judges participate in Pitch To Policy on a personal basis.
  • The judges use a uniform judging rubric to score teams.  Teams with the most points win.
  • The judges are permitted to ask 3 minutes worth of questions to a team during the Judging.
  • The judges decision is final.
  • Three teams are selected to come top.  These teams are awarded the prize.  Each top team receives USD2000. This prize is not a payment for work.  Recipients are required to make any taxation or income declarations that are appropriate.  All teams receive a certificate.
  • The award is is paid to the nominated team representative by bank transfer.
  • The judges are not to be approached after the competition.



  • All Pitch To Policy 2020 participants are invited to join the GBPN network.  
  • The network is a community of practice for sustainable buildings.  This networks has been created and is supported to help the diffusion of information about sustainable development.  
  • Network members may be approached for their interest or support of ongoing Pitch To Policy events.
  • It is not compulsory for participants to sign up to GBPN Network.
  • GBPN will not contact or otherwise solicit participants who do not join GBPN Network.



  • All teams are invited to use the GBPN Impact Log.  This is a web page that collects information about each team and its onward progress.
  • If a team pursues its project after Pitch To Policy 2020 then GBPN Impact Log can capture what the team (or its individual members do).  This may include further pitches, changing direction, important meetings, pilots, further investment and so on.
  • The purpose of this record is to allow GBPN to determine the emissions benefit of Pitch To Policy 2020 which relies on what teams do ongoing.
  • It is not compulsory for participants to report to GBPN Impact Log


Personal information

  • Your personal information is collected as the basis of you taking part in this programme.
  • You are offered a video release form.  We would like to promote pitches presented in the finals of this competition both to inform policy and also to promote broader thinking on built environment sustainability.
  • If you choose to leave the programme early your personal information is erased.
  • Form results collected from you are combined with others and results are reported in aggregate.  Your long-text answers are combined with others and shuffled to protect your identity.


Ongoing / general

  • All teams that have participated are recorded on the publicly visible GBPN website Team Register. All teams must sign a consent form (which will be provided) for any photos and/recordings to be posted on the GBPN website and/or used for social media purposes. Teams that do not sign the form will not have their images and works featured by GBPN for publicity purposes.
  • All personal and professional information, protected or licensed information, judging notes and any other information apart from GBPN website Team Register is permanently destroyed within 6 months of the end of Pitch to Policy 2020.
  • GBPN does not support activities which are illegal, against code for buildings, or those activities which involve unsolicited approaches to officials or other interventions which are likely to be unwelcome or illegal.  GBPN does not support lobbying.
  • GBPN is an equal opportunity organisation which does not judge presenters, facilitators, participants or applicants on the basis of age, ability, gender, education, race, nationality, religion or other personal attributes.
  • All participants take part in Pitch To Policy 2020 at their own risk.  The materials presented as not warranted to be up to date or even factual.  The advice of Pitch To Policy 2020 should (on its own) not form the basis of large or important decisions and the onus is on the participant to use Pitch to Policy 2020 information at their discretion and to seek other sources and opinions to inform climate actions they may take.