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Visit to Indonesia

29-02-2020 | Jeswynn Yogaratnam | South-East Asia
Categories: Policies

Indonesia has always been a place of inspiration for sustainable living. This is because the cultural context of the 'peoples' who pay respect to the intrinsic value of nature is as much an extrinsic factor that impacts their livelihoods.

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Thoughts for 2015: URGENCY & AMBITION

15-12-2014 | Peter Graham | Global, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Policies

Before turning to 2015, a word or two about urgency and ambition. If we are to play a role in capping global warming to no more than 2 degrees, then we need to keep focussed not only on energy efficiency but on the magnitude of reductions in total energy demand required to be delivered by the building sector in the coming decades.
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Open Data for a Change: A New Online Tool to Access Free Analysis of the Energy Savings Potential of Buildings

05-06-2014 | Diana Ürge-Vorsatz & Peter Graham | Global, 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Policies

Given the reported lack of data on how buildings use energy and the impacts of building energy policy, policy makers and investors may feel like prisoners in Plato’s cave. How to make the right decisions chained in the dark with the perceptions that low energy buildings are unaffordable, that investing in energy efficiency renovation provides no return, that setting energy performance targets is bad for business, or that there is no way of meeting demand for urban housing while actually reducing total energy demand from buildings?

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New Tool for Building Energy Performance Scenarios (BEPS): Making the Black Box Transparent

05-06-2014 | Ksenia Petrichenko | 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Policies

GBPN is moving forward in making building data transparent and publically available as well as engaging with various organizations into knowledge exchange.

In 2012 GBPN conducted a comprehensive study together with the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP – Central European University) focused on the scenario analysis of building energy use and related CO2 emissions and mitigation potential of energy efficiency improvements.

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Comparing Data Quality

19-02-2013 | Sophie Shnapp | 全球, South-East Asia, South-East Asia
Categories: Policies

The Global Buildings Network Performance’s recent report “Comparing Data Quality & Collection” reveals just how much data quality varies in four priority regions – China, the EU, India and the US.

We found that quality and availability of data around in our four regions varies considerably; there are large data gaps, weaknesses and inaccessibility that preclude accuracy in modelling (see the figure below).

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