Policy adoption

Our mission is to provide intelligence to optimize building energy policies and accelerate net zero energy or positive energy for new buildings and deep renovation for existing buildings. GBPN provides technical assistance and training in order to build local capabilities to design and implement ambitious building energy codes.

Supporting Residential Code adoption in India: Unregulated, residential energy demand in India could increase eight-fold by 2030. To support code development GBPN commissioned studies to provide essential data on how residential buildings use energy, that were fundamental to the development of a new residential code, which was launched in 2017. GBPN is now working with local partners in Delhi and Ahmedabad providing support to local governments and developers to pilot code implementation.

Our current objective: Low-Energy Affordable Housing in India

Indian jurisdictions adopt appropriate sustainable buildings policies and energy codes that exceed the nation's climate action commitments of 33%-35% reduction in emissions intensity/GDP.