Policy planning

The GBPN’s goal is to contribute to the building sector achieving its full energy savings and CO2 mitigation potential. To do that GBPN assists governments and industry policy makers to identify, adapt and implement policy best practices for low-energy, affordable and healthy buildings, contributing to low carbon and resilient cities.

Developing energy efficiency policy for Southeast Asia: Southeast Asian countries are among the world’s fastest growing per-capita GHG emissions, in large part due to air conditioning and building energy demand. Since 2013 GBPN has been supporting the development of building sector nationally agreed mitigation actions in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. We are now supporting zero-energy policy planning in Indonesia, and establishing a policy training program across the region. 

Improving China’s building codes: GBPN collaborated with the Chinese government to create a policy comparison tool for Chinese authorities to benchmark and evaluate implementation of building codes in 31 Chinese provinces. The project focused on implementing renewable energy goals, setting targets toward net zero energy performance, and helping the ministry establish a policy roadmap for integrating international best-practices into their policy cycle. Adoption of all best practices would avoid about 65 percent of the projected increase in energy demand. 

Our current objective: Zero Energy Standards – Indonesia

Indonesian government and industry collaborate and adopt a plan for a new residential building energy code that exceeds the nation's climate action commitments of 836 Mt CO2.