Knowledge Pyramid

The Knowledge Pyramid gathers all of our research and assessments from global sources forming a continually expanding Report Database.

Our reports are presented in 10 different formats addressing the information needs of different stakeholders and forming a comprehensive Knowledge Pyramid: Highlights, Briefings, Executive Summaries, Multimedia Products, Policy Papers, Case Studies, Extended Summaries, Technical Reports, Annexes and Data Series, Assessment Reports.

Access knowledge in a format appropriate to your needs!


Five-Line-Summary Report for Decision Makers


One-Page Summary Report for Decision Makers

Executive Summary

Tailored Executive Summary for Decision Makers


Motion graphics, Video interviews with experts, Info graphics, Presentations

Policy Paper

Concise Report presenting best practice policies that can help dramatically upscale the development of state of the art buildings following the deep path towards energy reductions from buildings in each regions.

Case Study

Regional Case Study, Trends Report, Survey and Data Assessment

Extended Summary

Comprehensive Abstract Report for Experts and Researchers

Technical Report

Status Report for Experts and Researchers

Annexes and Data Series

Assessment Report