The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) is a globally organised and regionally focused organisation whose mission is to provide policy expertise and technical assistance to advance building energy performance and realise sustainable built environments for all (What We Do).  

The GBPN’s goal is to contribute to the building sector achieving its full energy savings and CO2 mitigation potential of more than 2.1 Gt by 2030. In thi way we aim to assist governments and industry to implement climate actions in their buildings sctors that help achieve their commitent to the Paris Climate Agreement and sustainable development goals.

The GBPN was founded in 2010 with the mandate to advance knowledge and expertise globally on building energy performance and the structure to achieve it. It is achieve the transformational changes required in the building sector to tackle climate change while promoting economic and social wellbeing (Our Network).

The GBPN has developed extensive partnerships with international organisations, govenerments, industries, research institutes and NGOs (Our Partners). Our project partners also extend our reach to South East Asia, while our experts network includes Latin American and African expertise. We validate and share local policy best practices through an international network of building policy experts, supported by on-line knowledge-sharing and capacity building tools & resources.

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