• Our Vision

    We have a short window of opportunity to cut COemissions from building energy use. We are working to achieve a world in which buildings are a solution to climate change and a source of societal well-being.

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  • Policy Tools

    Compare the world’s best practice policies for new buildings and for renovation. Explore GBPN Policy Tools and review current best practices using criteria developed with world's leading experts in the field.

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  • Our Network

    The GBPN is coordinated by a global centre in Paris and regionally with an office in Beijing and partner organisations in Brussels, Delhi and Washington D.C.

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  • Mitigation Potential

    Why Buildings hold the key to a low-carbon future? Consult the GBPN Policy Paper "Buildings for Our Future, The Deep Path for Closing the Emissions Gap in the Building Sector" (June 2013)

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  • Climate Change

    Climate Change: Implications for Buildings: Key Findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessement Report (June 2014)

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  • India

    A scenario analysis that documents the enormous energy saving potentials that can be achieved in India by 2050 in the residential sector with direct policy action (September 2014). 

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Databases & Tools

  • Policy Tool for Renovation

    Policy Tool for Renovation

  • Policy Tool for New Buildings

    Policy Tool for New Buildings

  • Building Energy Performance Scenarios

    Building Energy Performance Scenarios

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  • Datahub for Europe

    Datahub for Europe

  • Rating Policies

    Rating Policies

Laboratory: Projects

Positive Energy Buildings

The nearly zero energy Lab seeks to build GBPN's comparative analysis of building energy efficiency codes and policy packages for new buildings... Read more


Thoughts for 2015: URGENCY & AMBITION

15-12-2014 | Peter Graham | Global

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Before turning to 2015, a word or two about urgency and ambition. If we are to play a role in...

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A Guided Tour of Recently Launched Sustainable Building Initiatives

11-12-2014 | Anne-Claire Bellec | Global

Anne-Claire Bellec's picture

Mainstreaming sustainable buildings is essential if we are to effectively tackle climate change...

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[Tool] How much energy buildings will consume in 2050? Check out GBPN Tool for Building Energy Performance Scenarios http://t.co/gqZvvnxyts

by The GBPN 2 days 11 hours ago

#Energyefficiency: the invisible powerhouse of #Europe | http://t.co/1ZNAe9SqVS | via @EU_Commission #EU cc @MAC_europa

by The GBPN 2 days 21 hours ago

Two new reports confirm excellent ROI of #building energy efficiency projects http://t.co/EGC3uR2IXl & http://t.co/JaDEas0rZZ

by The GBPN 3 days 2 hours ago


11-11-2012 | Global

Upcoming events organized by GBPN and contributions to conferences, workshops and webinars!