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    We have a short window of opportunity to cut COemissions from building energy use. We are working to achieve a world in which buildings are a solution to climate change and a source of societal well-being.

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    Why Buildings hold the key to a low-carbon future? Consult the GBPN Policy Paper "Buildings for Our Future, The Deep Path for Closing the Emissions Gap in the Building Sector" (June 2013)

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28-03-2014 | United States

New Policy Paper released today by GBPN and the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), the GBPN US Hub, highlights the importance to link energy codes and benchmarking and disclosure policies if we want to reduce building energy consumption.

Laboratory: Projects

More and Deeper Renovation

Buildings represent around a third of the total global energy use and the energy-related CO2 emissions, existing buildings account for... Read more

Positive Energy Buildings

The nearly zero energy lab seeks to build GBPN's comparative analysis of building energy efficiency codes and policy packages for new buildings... Read more

Building Performance Data

This Laboratory seeks to improve collaboration amongst building data experts, modellers and all interested stakeholders in order to... Read more


Coordinated Global Action is Necessary to Achieve the Buildings Sector's Mitigation Potential

15-04-2014 | Peter Graham | Global

Peter Graham's picture

Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of being involved as a contributing author to the...

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Five Graphs on Current Best Practice Renovation Policies

03-04-2014 | Sophie Shnapp | Global

Sophie Shnapp's picture

Today, the GBPN launched a new Policy Tool for Renovation that compares best practice renovation...

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RT @BPIE_eu: Webinar @GBPNetwork How to Save Energy Using Renovation Policy Measures 29 April, 3:00pm CEST Register: https://t.co/BBeI4cDCyn

by The GBPN 17 hours 15 min ago

[Webinar] Front Runners in #Energy #Renovation Policies from Europe & the U.S: 29 April, 3:00pm CEST, Register now! http://t.co/7KgNxiMf1z

by The GBPN 17 hours 16 min ago

Webinar @GBPNetwork How to Save Energy Using #Renovation #Policy Measures 29 April, 3:00pm CEST–9:00am EDT Register: https://t.co/CNLapP36Tr

by BPIE Buildings EU 21 hours 54 min ago