The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) is a globally organised and regionally focused organisation whose mission is to provide policy expertise and technical assistance to advance building energy performance and realise sustainable built environments for all (What We Do).  

Global Buildings performance network Board of Directors Peter Graham Claire Brule

The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) goal is to contribute to the building sector achieving its full energy savings and CO2 mitigation potential of more than 2.1 Gt by 2030. To do that we assist governments and industry to implement climate actions in their buildings sectors that help achieve their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and sustainable development goals.

The GBPN was established in 2011 as a “Best Practice Network that can strategically intervene in top-priority nations and provide critical information to the decision-makers who create and implement building energy efficiency policies”.

The founding plan focused on working in the USA, EU, India and China, where policies exist but improving the ambition and enforcement of existing building energy codes, extending their reach from new building to renovation and monitoring the energy savings and emissions benefits of policy best-practices was required.

Over the past nine years GBPN has been effective in this think tank role. We have commissioned and published key reports on the status of building energy and climate policies globally, defined and established benchmarks for policy best-practices, helped establish and grow strong regional think tanks in the EU and USA, a network of policy experts in 22 countries, and a new global advocacy initiative hosted by the United Nations Environment Program. We have also directly supported policy reform in China, and provided key new data and energy demand scenarios that have underpinned the development of new energy codes for residential buildings in India. 

The GBPN’s work as a think tank since 2011 has been key to achieving a global recognition of the need to decarbonize the building sector in order to tackle global warming. This culminated in the first ever ‘Buildings Day’ held at COP21 in Paris in 2015 and the inclusion of building-sector actions in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of 136 countries and commitments by municipalities and the private sector addressing about 60% of building energy-related GHG emissions. With a framework of commitments in place, there is new demand for implementing policy actions that help achieve them, especially from emerging markets in Asia where rates of new construction and growth in building energy demand are the fastest in the world. GBPN has therefore been increasingly called upon to assist in designing and implementing policy plans and actions, including Nationally Agreed Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) for buildings in South East Asia. 

Between 2016-2018, GBPN was focused on providing technical assistance to support policy development in S.E. Asia, funded by multilateral contracts with UNEP and APEC, and donor funds from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). This work was led by the Executive Director, and Finance & Operations Director, and implemented through our global expert network by engaging experts to provide technical assistance in specific projects. 

In February 2019 new funding through the ASPEN Global Change Institute over 2 years is enabling GBPN to enhance our lean structure and build our capabilities to focus on providing technical assistance for decarbonizing the housing in India and SE Asia by re-establishing a core management team, renewing the GBPN Board to reflect our regional focus, and investing in local expert partners working in the field.