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A Look Behind the Curtain of Energy Performance

2013/04/26 | David Leipziger | United States, 美国
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The glass and steel office building at 10 Exchange Square sits in the middle of bustling downtown London, halfway between St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. As part of the UK’s mandatory energy rating policy (a directive of the European Union), 10 Exchange Square was given a low grade of “E” on the alphabetical scale (A to G) for energy efficiency. The curious part is that in terms of actual consumption, 10 Exchange Square is 66 percent more efficient in use per  square meter than a comparable B-rated office building. What gives?

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2013/03 | South-East AsiaSouth-East Asia

For the first time, the GBPN has assessed the quality of data of building types in each of its priority regions - China, the European Union, India and the United States. The premise of the new study is that transparent, comprehensive and credible data collection and analysis are crucial for designing new policies that can help move the building stock towards zero energy. This new report entitled “Robust Building Data: A Driver for Policy Development”, reveals that there are important “white spots” in the data across the GBPN regions and that quality and availability of data vary considerably, which prevents modelling and estimation of energy efficiency potentials in buildings. The study provides a series of recommendations for overcoming these gaps and calls for a collaborative effort in improving the quality of data collection worldwide. 



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