[Event] BPIE Organizes a Workshop in Romania: Implementation of EU Policies at National Level

In the context of the ENTRANCE project, the GBPN EU Hub, BPIE, organizes a workshop focusing on future policies supporting the transition towards nZEBs in Romania. The event will be held in Bucharest on April 17.

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European legislation on buildings (EPBD) and energy efficiency (EED) require European member states to develop strategies on how to progressively transform their national building stocks into an energy performing and climate neutral built environment. Very low or ‘nearly Zero-Energy Buildings’ will become mandatory for all new constructions from 2020 onwards.
A stronger harmonization with EU policies and requirements and the elaboration of long-terms plans for Romanian building stock will deliver more cost-effective results and will facilitate the access to EU funds for improving the energy performance of buildings.

In this larger context, BPIE aims at encouraging the development of a financial scheme that would improve buildings’ energy performances in Romania by presenting the success stories of EU Member States with similar background.

Agenda of the event is available here.

The ENTRANZE Project is supported by the EU Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

The objective of the ENTRANZE project is to actively support policy making by providing the required data, analysis and guidelines to achieve a fast and strong penetration of nZEB and RES-H/C within the national building stocks. The project intends to connect building experts from European research and academia to national decision makers and key stakeholders with a view to build ambitious, but reality proof, policies and roadmaps.
BPIE is a partner of the consortium and has already provided some deliverables:

  • A report providing a brief overview of buildings policy frameworks in the EU-27 countries, including building codes requirements, enforcement and compliance, renewable energy use in buildings, nearly zero energy buildings policies and main economic instruments in place in the EU-27 countries. Available here.
  • The Romanian report on The challenges, dynamics and activities in the building sector and its energy demand in target countries. Available here.
  • BPIE contributed to the working paper Investigate the structure of stakeholders, user and investor groups and their behaviour, preferences and interests. Available here.
  • Finally, BPIE has the communication lead for this project.