[Event] Meet us at World Sustainable Energy Days 2014


World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) 2014 is one of the largest annual conferences in the field of energy efficiency in Europe. The European Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Conference forms part of WSED and will take place in Wels, Austria, from 26-28 February 2014.


The European Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Conference 2014 will cover such building energy efficiency topics as technologies, business models, policies, financing, national action plans, best practice examples, cost optimality of energy efficiency and renewable energy in new construction and renovation.

Three researchers from GBPN will present their papers at WSED Next conference (26 February, 2 pm/ 14h00): Sophie Shnapp, Policy Analyst, will present a paper on “Robust Building Data: a Driver for Policy Development”, Niamh McDonald, Policy Analyst will give a presentation on “Dynamic Building Energy Codes: learning from international practices” and Ksenia Petrichenko, Policy Analyst, will discuss the “Estimating the Solar Energy Potential in Buildings on a Global level”. Sophie Shnapp will also present a second presentation “How can we achieve deep renovation if we don’t know what that is?”

We hope to see you in Wels!