[Event] Meet Us at EE Global, 20 & 21 May: How Do We Up-Scale Best Practices?


The GBPN will participate in the Energy Efficiency Global Forum 2014 in Washington, D.C. for two days. The GBPN will be organising an Intensive Learning Session offering a two-hour deep dive into global energy policy best practices for new and existing buildings. We will also contribute to the Executive Dialogue Sessions on both days.

The Energy Efficiency Global Forum (EE Global) gathers hundreds of executives and policymakers from across sectors, disciplines, and borders with a goal of integrating effective policies and business practices into actionable plans for the next generation of energy efficiency.

gbpn-[Event]Meet Us at EE Global

Intensive Learning Session – Wednesday 21 May – 3:30pm 5:30pm

The Global Buildings Performance Network’s recent work to define, analyse and disseminate best-practice building energy efficiency policies has culminated in the development of two interactive policy tools for the comparative analysis of building energy policy packages in new and existing tools respectively. These tools identify the key components of progressive policy packages that work to reduce energy demand across the building stock. Based on these components a number of criteria have been developed against which current best practice codes are assessed.

Using the GBPN’s Policy Comparison Tools for new and existing buildings as a basis for discussion, this Interactive Learning Session will provide a platform to discuss how to to accelerate the wide-spread adoption of more ambitious policies that support a transformative change in the building sector.

This event will be structured around the three following themes

  • Presentation of the GBPN Policy Comparative Tools for new and existing buildings with a focus on the key components of state of the art policies and supporting packages that can help to accelerate nearly zero or positive building performance practices and deep renovation; as well as insights from regions included in the tool.
  • Insights from best-practice regions on the key lessons that have been learnt from developing and implementing best practice policies.
  • Discussion on how to fill the gap between today’s best practices, and what is needed to accelerate transformative change in the building sector and how can leapfrog and implement state of the art policies.

This session will be moderated by Jayson Antonoff, GBPN Regional Director U.S at IMT.

Download the detailed Agenda here.

Executive Dialogue Sessions

Jens Laustsen will also contribute to the following Executive Dialogue Sessions:

20 May – 11:45 am: What are the best energy efficiency building practices from around the world? And how do they differ between climates?
21 May – 11.00 am: Moving Beyond Codes: What are the most promising advancements in disclosure, rating, and labelling processes? And what are their predicted effects?.

EE Global Agenda

application-pdfEEGlobal_GBPN_ILS Agenda_final.pdf