[Event] Second GBPN Annual Building Sector Symposium, 27th and 28th of May

Next week in Paris, the GBPN will be holding its Second Annual Building Sector Symposium. The main objective of this two day meeting is to provide global members of the GBPN, members of the GBPN’s Strategic Advisory Group, representatives from Climate Works network, regional and global building sector professionals, and key policy thought-leaders with a forum for sharing ideas and actions to reduce energy related CO2 emissions from buildings globally.

Second GBPN Annual Building Sector Symposium

More than 50 key experts will gather around a common goal: identify a programme for collaboration for the next two years. For this purpose, the event has been designed to allow exchange of knowledge, debate and working sessions to produce strategic outputs for the entire GBPN’s network.Day one will be structured around a series of round-table discussions dedicated to mapping what GBPN and its partner organisations are currently doing and identifying potential opportunities and venues for aligned or collaborative work in 2014 and beyond.

Day two will explore possible projects to influence ‘Deep Path’ strategies for achieving the CO2 mitigation potential of the building sector through workshops organised under the themes of new buildings, existing buildings, and data & collaboration.

Upon invitations.

Watch the Report from last year’s Summit: