[GBPN/BPIE Glossary] New connections with the Sustainable Construction Glossary

How to help moving the building stock towards positive energy in the next decades if we do not agree about the objectives, the current standards or the potentials? What does “Net Zero Energy Building”, “Passive House” or “Deep Renovation” refer to across regions and for the variety of stakeholders from the sector: researchers, policy makers, industry or real-estate specialists, experts or policy enablers and media?

With about 500 terms, the GBPN/BPIE glossary launched in February 2013 provides common definitions of key terms related to building energy efficiency and highlights regional differences in definitions in order to ensure that we all speak the same language and cooperate as effectively as possible. GBPN/BPIE strive to continuously expand the scope of their glossary and are very proud to be connected with the Sustainable Construction Glossary.

GBPN and BPIE have been working closely with the Architects Council of Europe and the European Concrete Platform on their multilingual Sustainable Construction Glossary and the wiki. Many new definitions are now integrated in our glossary and we have shared some key terms to contribute to their project.

The GBPN/BPIE Glossary is available in both English and Chinese

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of linking your energy efficiency glossary please get in touch at project@gbpn.org.