You are invited to attend this special webinar about the proposed white paper on:

Healthy Affordable Housing in India: Prioritising the Well-being of Occupants in the Design & Construction of Homes

Date: 07 July 2023, Friday

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm IST

Location: Register using the form below to receive the ZOOM link via email.

The rapidly growing challenges of urbanization and climate change adversely impact the poor and the quality of life of their homes. Reform in policies, programmes, standards, and regulations is needed urgently to address these challenges. This seminar focuses on the health and well-being of occupants in affordable housing. The white paper corroborates the urgency to revise the code(s) and standards for affordable housing to include the health and well-being of occupants.

You are invited to contribute to the discussion and feedback on recommendations put forward by the White Paper, with a focus on recommendations and design guidelines for health and climate-resilience related standards for affordable homes and neighbourhoods in India.

This event will include:

  1. Welcome and Introduction to the team – GBPN, ABLA, IIPH – 7-10 mins
  2. Introduction to the Project by Maaz Dixit, GBPN – 5 mins
  3. White Paper presentation by Ashok B. Lall and Girisha Sethi – in 3 parts including 2 feedback polls in between (45-50 mins)
  4. Q&A session (20 mins)
  5. Concluding remarks and share link for feedback form (5 mins)


Ashok Behari Lall

Principal of Ashok B Lall Architects

Ashok Behari Lall has been leading the Ashok B Lall Architects since 1981. He is committed to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible architectural practices.  With an interest and expertise in resource and energy efficient Affordable Urban Housing solutions for developing countries, Ashok has designed affordable housing projects and researched, published and advocated for appropriate building design strategies and planning regulations that would lead to low-carbon urban futures. He is a leading expert in his field.

Girisha Sethi

Ashok B Lall Architects

With a background in Architecture and integrated Urbanism, Girisha’s work focuses on development research, strategic urban planning, and urban policy. Her current role is senior architect and researcher at ABLA and she is collaborating with GBPN on the Healthy Buildings project.

Maaz Dixit

GBPN Project Consultant

Maaz Dixit is an architect and a building energy analyst with five years of experience in the field of architecture, building energy efficiency research and consultancy. She is currently working as a specialist consultant, India, for Global Building Performance Network, and founder-partner of the energy consultancy firm Neev Energy and Sustainable Solutions at Ahmedabad.

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