South Tangerang Municipality has agreed to collaborate with the Global Building Performance Network (GBPN) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) to develop an energy efficiency roadmap for buildings in South Tangerang. This collaboration is part of broader cooperation between MEMR and GBPN to help realise Net Zero Emissions and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets by 2050.

Speaking to local media at the August launch, Benyamin Davnie, Mayor of South Tangerang, said the program was very relevant to South Tangerang City because it provides the right policy direction to support the city and its people in the effort to save energy from buildings.

“This is important because South Tangerang is a rapidly growing city with many new building projects, with rising energy prices, so energy saving becomes a very important solution,” he said.

If energy costs can be saved, it will improve the welfare of the people in South Tangerang. In addition, these energy efficiency efforts can reduce global warming and the negative impacts of climate change.”

Director of Energy Conservation (under the DG of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation) Ni Luh Puti Dewi, expressed her appreciation to the South Tangerang City Government, for its commitment to realising Net Zero Emissions and support for the cooperation to be implemented and carried out immediately.

This collaboration is expected to drive the momentum of the transition of cities that are more committed to reducing carbon emissions from the building sector. South Tangerang will be initiating change at the local level through the development of an energy efficiency roadmap for buildings at the city level. This pilot project will see the South Tangerang City Government become a model for other cities in Indonesia.

Four agencies will be involved in this program: The Licensing and Investment Agency (Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu/ DPMPTSP), Human Settlement Agency (Dinas Cipta Karya/ DCK), Environmental Agency (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup/ DLH) and Regional Development Planning Body (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah/ Bappeda).

Image: The teams from GBPN, MEMR and South Tangerang make the sign of South Tangerang’s city motto: Cerdas, Modern, Religious (Intelligent, Modern, Religious)

This project is funded by the ClimateWorks Foundation and aligned with the GBPN policy strategy for decarbonising buildings in Asia, supported by the CRUX Alliance.