GBPN is working to tackle the climate emergency by decarbonising one of the earth’s most significant carbon pollution sources – the building sector. But we can’t do this alone. It takes many passionate individuals working together towards this common goal.

GBPN seeks to honour and recognize the heroes who have dedicated themselves to transforming Indonesia’s building sector and driving it towards a sustainable future. These green building warriors have spent decades tirelessly advocating for green practices, implementing innovative solutions, and inspiring change at all levels of society. Their constant commitment has played a crucial role in accelerating the journey towards net-zero emissions in Indonesia. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of these remarkable individuals and organisations who have partnered with GBPN to create a sustainable built environment.

Indonesia Climate Champions

Florentius Fanny Hendro Gunawan

Dian Irawati

Dr. Poppy Ismalina

Jatmika Adi Suryabrata | GBPN

Dr. Jatmika Adi Suryabrata

Totok Sulistiyanto Wardoyo

Iwan Prijanto