Aarti Nain | GBPN

Aarti Nain

Energy Efficiency Specialist

Aarti Nain is an energy efficiency policy specialist with expertise in healthy and net zero energy buildings, sustainable cooling, energy efficiency financing and ESCOs, utility DSM programs and market development of low-carbon building technologies. As a member of GBPN’s JINDA-Gujarat Core Working Group, she advises on Energy Efficiency Financing and Policies.

Aarti has advised central and state governments and the private sector in implementing market-oriented energy efficiency programs that increase the cost-effectiveness of sustainable technologies. Notable among these are the ESCO-model based Super-efficient Air Conditioning Program and Building Energy Efficiency Program with EESL. Important policy development work in India includes an update of the Energy Conservation Building Code 2017. Seminal studies, authored by Aarti analysing capacity and perceptions of markets and consumers in India towards energy efficient technologies have informed national level strategies for climate change mitigation.