Cesar Ulises Trevino | GBPN

Cesar Ulises Trevino

General Director of Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy

Cesar Ulises Trevino is the founder and general director of Bioconstruction and Alternative Energy, a pioneering and leading consulting company in Sustainable Building in Mexico and Latin America. He has developed emblematic projects including the first ‘LEED-NC Gold’ and ‘LEED-NC Platinum’ certifications in Latin America.

Cesar is also a member of the Advisory Group on Sustainable Building of the Environmental Cooperation Commission for North America. To date, he is an Honorary Director of non-profit organizations such as “Sustentabilidad para México, AC”, and the vice president of the “Asociación Mexicano del Edificio Inteligente y Sustentable, AC”.

He is the first Hispanic American professional to receive LEED ™ AP Professional Accreditation from the US Green Building Council and the prestigious ‘LEED Fellow’ designation. Back in 2005, he founded the Mexican Green Building Council and served both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the World Green Building Council. For his notable contributions, Cesar has been recognized with the ‘Chairman’s Award’ from WorldGBC, the ‘Green Leadership Award Mexico’ from USGBC, and has been appointed Honorary Member by the Mexican National Academy of Architecture.

Cesar graduated with honours as Civil Engineer from Monterrey Tech (1991), and later a Master’s Degree in Construction Management from the University of Newcastle (1994). He is based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.