Dr. Ezilda Costanzo

Senior researcher at ENEA

Dr. Ezilda Costanzo is affiliated with ENEA Department of Energy Technologies and Renewables. Her skills and expertise straddle energy policy, sustainable construction and cities, energy performance in buildings, and stakeholder engagement.

Ezilda’s research projects address rationalisation and savings in the use of electricity, the development of models for the implementation of energy efficiency interventions on public real estate assets, support to local energy planning through a debate with stakeholders, among others.

She has contributed to different aspects of the field through her publications (articles, technical reports, conference papers, and data). The list includes monitoring nearly zero energy buildings in Italy, Pathways to Zero Energy Efficient Districts, Wider use of EPBD databases – Enabling monitoring and policy making, big data for driving the market toward residential energy efficiency.

Ezilda has a doctorate in building engineering and is based in Italy.