Fabby Tumiwa

Executive Director of the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)

Fabby Tumiwa is an energy transition strategist and the Executive Director of the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), an Indonesian think tank in energy policy and environment. Fabby has been leading IESR toward advocating evidence-based public policies toward transformation into a low carbon energy system.

Building on his expertise in energy policy and regulation, renewable energy technologies and economy, and climate change policies, Fabby has contributed to many projects of Indonesian government agencies, businesses, NGOs, and multilateral development organizations. Fabby is an active writer for media where he advocates for renewable energy and beyond; he also contributes to national and global forums or conferences.

Fabby is a member of the Indonesian delegation for the International conference on climate change from 2006 to 2018, member of the board of Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) from 2014 to 2019, and Sumba Iconic Island task force under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources from 2015 to 2019. He is a 2007 LEAD Fellow and 2009 Eisenhower Fellow. By 2021, Fabby has been appointed as a member of the Sustainable Advisory Council of GoJek Indonesia and serves as an advisory board member of Indonesia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP). Since 2021 he is the Chairman of the Indonesia Solar Energy Association (AESI) and starting in 2022 he is a member of the Expert Board of Indonesia Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Society (MASKEEI).

Fabby holds a bachelor degree in electronic engineering from Satya Wacana Christian University in 2000. He is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.