Assoc Prof. Grace Wangge

Associate Professor of Public Health at Monash University Indonesia

Grace Wangge is an associate professor of Public Health at Monash University Indonesia. Her expertise and interest include methodology and regulations of late-stage clinical trials (especially on non-inferiority trials); systematic review, meta-analysis, and development of community-based pharmacoepidemiology; and community nutrition and policy analysis.

Before joining Monash Indonesia, Grace worked with Seameo Recfon for nearly five years, a unit hosted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and located in Universitas Indonesia, with a mission to conduct education, capacity building, research and information dissemination in food and nutrition through partnership for sustainable human resource development.

In academia, Grace is an avid contributor to notable journals in her field. She has published many peer-reviewed articles on various topics, though the focus of her recent publications has been the COVID pandemic with contributions such as “Oil and Gas Industry in the Era of COVID-19: Work Culture Adjustment and Its Challenges”, “Regulatory oversight on the use of experimental therapies during a pandemic: the case of early access to convalescent plasma therapy in three LMICs”, and “The importance of evidence-based education and policy in public health: lessons learned from a repeated pandemic”.

Grace received her doctorate in general medicine from the University of Indonesia (2001), followed by an MSc in Clinical Epidemiology from the Netherlands Institute of health sciences (2003) and a PhD in Pharmacoepidemiology from Utrecht University (2012). She is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.