Jatmika Adi Suryabrata | GBPN

Dr. Jatmika Adi Suryabrata

Senior Technical Advisor

Dr. Jatmika Adi Suryabrata is a lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Planning, University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His expertise and interest areas straddle green buildings, bioclimatic designs, architectural technologies, and sustainability. As a GBPN’s consultant, Jatmika is responsible for developing policy roadmap’s baselines and targets for low carbon/green residential buildings.

He is also a practising architect specialising in high performance and green buildings. Some of his works have received awards from ASEAN Energy Award annual competitions in 2014, 2016 and 2018. In addition, Jatmika has been a member of the Architecture and Planning Board in Jakarta (TABG) Since 2013, where he reviews technical aspects of building permit documents.

Jatmika is also engaged with the International Finance Corporation (IFC–World Bank Group) in the developments and implementations of Indonesia’s National Green Building Codes as well as Mandatory Building Codes in Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang. His primary responsibilities are to carry out parametric studies on technical aspects of the Green Building Codes, develop training materials and deliver them.

Jatmika holds a bachelor in Architecture from Gadjah Mada University (1985) and an MSc in Architectural and Building Sciences and Technology from Arizona State University (1991). In 1998, he was awarded a PhD in Illumination Design and Architectural Sciences from the University of Sydney. Jatmika is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.